I’m not picking up after this lot

The weekend pursuits and all their mess

I would rather litter the roads with a cluttered mind

Retire the point but we can’t stay godless

Reach for your tools or whatever you brought

The mess is weakening our basement

Exemplary sinners with crimes of commitment

I knew I loved you all along but I haven’t told you yet

Stuck in line to go upside down

Holding hands with my faults and their mess

Forgetting to protect some of my sanity

Stumbled along forgetting what was left


Crawling around the surface unseen

Antiseptic methods have lead to progress

No we have become what we eat

This void to blame while chasing success

Where does that leave me?

Overreaching hearts helped me regress

I cannot control what you believe

Submerged close to the deep end

Making routes converging at relief

Not all make it but some trend

Funny we all suffer trying to define unique

Canonize the outliers blamed it on regret

Cataloged cries for a help sound so serene

Hands up is all that was said

There’s someone you should meet

Copy Pasta

Generating random paragraphs can be an excellent way for writers to get their creative flow going at the beginning of the day. The writer has no idea what topic the random paragraph will be about when it appears. This forces the writer to use creativity to complete one of three common writing challenges. The writer can use the paragraph as the first one of a short story and build upon it. A second option is to use the random paragraph somewhere in a short story they create. The third option is to have the random paragraph be the ending paragraph in a short story. No matter which of these challenges is undertaken, the writer is forced to use creativity to incorporate the paragraph into their writing.